FU:UK Sculpting Competition: Rules

By entering you agree to the following terms 

Privacy Statement 

Frothers Unite! UK collects personal information for contest, eligibility, administrative actions, and prize verification. FU-UK will never sell, disseminate, or divulge personal information collected. 

Age Limit 

Since the aim is to cast and sell these figures, contestants must be 18 years or older. If the contestant is under 18, he or she must be able to produce written parental consent upon demand. 

Other than that, the contest is open to all, professionals and amateurs alike. Naturally, judges are exempt from entering.

Rule Amendments 

Rules are subject to change and/or clarifications without notice, as per the decision of the Contest Committee. There will be several categories, but in order to not stifle creativity we will decide what they are depending on the level of response and types of entry. Final category placement of all entries shall be determined by the judges. 

Should the number and quality of submissions exceed expectations, The Contest Committee may choose to award additional prizes, including (but not limited to) runner-up for each category. In this event all submissions so recognized will be subject to the same conditions as category winners (see  Figure Reproduction).
The contest deadline is 1st of July 2014. This deadline is expected to be final, however it can be extended if there are exceptional circumstances to warrant this.

Fair Play 

The Magi Spaceport by Brad Wright

Only original sculpts will be accepted. Conversions of commercially available models are not eligible for the contest. Likewise, by entering a figure in the FU-UK Sculpting contest you attest on your honour to be it's creator and holder of all rights to this figure. By doing so you accept all legal consequences that could arise should the figure or the rights to it be part of someone else's Intellectual Property. 

The aforementioned rights include, but are not limited to: 

- the right of display of the figure, including display online 

- the right of reproduction of the figure 

- the right to make the figure available to the public 

- the right to destroy the figure 

Also you will exonerate FU! UK for any legal claims that could result from entering the competition.

From Fifth Element


As described in the competition outline, winners will receive a full set and a small number of castings of their own figure (4 or 5) to use as they see fit, be it as gifts to friends, to put on a shelf for private admiration and self-adulation or any other use that strikes their fancy. 

Further castings of their figure will be made available to them on demand and at cost for non-commercial use. 

Risk Attribution 

FU-UK can not take responsibility for winning submissions lost in the mail, the risk lies with the sculptor. 

The sculptor must be willing to submit his/her sculpt to the mouldmaker's ministrations. As such, he/she should be aware that a lot of pressure will be exerted on the green during the mouldmaking process. A piece of putty will survive this moulding process in direct relationship to the amount of care and skill used to make the original. Our mouldmaker is very good and as such this risk will be minimised, but cannot be wholly excluded. In the unlikely event that a green should not emerge intact from the moulding process, this will have no ill effect on the creation of the mould itself.

Figures should be supplied in a material that will vulcanise or a transitional resin cast that can be vulcanised. 

We also have the option of resin production for non figure sculpts. Please be aware of casting limitations when sculpting.

Cloud City

Figure Reproduction 

As described in the Competition outline, castings of the winning entries will be made available through the FU!UK Webshoppe for a limited period of two months, starting from the first day their availability is announced on the website. To this intent, the sculptor agrees to turn over the rights to reproduce, distribute and display the figure for the duration of this period, under the terms and conditions as specified in this Legal Statement. 

Once this period expires, full rights will be returned to the sculptor who is entitled to do with the figure(s) as he/she pleases, including selling them through another outlet. To this end the sculptor will receive a number of masters from the mastermoulds for which they may be charged by the mouldmaker at the standard rate. If the green survived the moulding process it will have been returned to the sculptor along with the contest prize. 

Should the sculptor wish it so, a new arrangement can be made with FU-UK for further distribution of his or her figure(s). During the two month period of availability, the winning entries will only be sold as full sets. Individual figures will not be made commercially available, save to their sculptors themselves. In the event the Contest Committee decides to include additional figures as described above, these will form a second set. 

FU!UK is a non-profit organisation and our aim in sponsoring this competition is to create a showcase for figure sculpting, and to encourage and inspire new artists in this area. The figure sets will be made available at a fair market price. In the event of figure sales producing a surplus this will be used to finance further society activities, including running costs and further contests.

Now read the Submission Guidelines and get sculpting!

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