Ladies and Gentlemen.... and Extraterrestrials and Mechanoids

I am delighted to announce the votes are in..... have been compiled and counted. It has been really interesting to watch the votes coming in and figures jockeying for position.

the results are:

Itchy and Hardy.  - winner by Steve Blunt
2nd place The Captain by Jack Sutter
3rd place The Girl by Jack Sutter

Engineer Tobacco  - winner by Peder Bartholdy
2nd The Alien Co-pilot by Jack Sutter
2nd Rana Geil Amphibious Bounty Hunter by Sjoerd Trouwee 
3rd Space Bunny by Ming-Hua

The Genitalien  - winner by Charles Kirkpatrick
2nd The Robot by Jack Sutter
3rd Pet #3 by Fabio Del Frate

Well done to all the entrants, it was huge fun looking at them.

The Humanoid Frothers - here

The Alien Scum- here

Critters and robotica - here

Have fun

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time, skill and effort  to sculpt an entry. I am really impressed with all the entries. I would also like to thank the judges who will be giving their time too, I don't envy them the task of deciding the winners.

Please comment on Frothers... here unless you are a judge

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